October 9, 2012

The Noise Farm Inc helps E-Tailwebstores fashion brands

Motel Rocks the USA the fashion brand has arrived in the USA after the demand for their products here was just to great to ignore. The Brand has had and continues to have incredible success in the UK and now they are in the USA. not only has their own clothing brand aimed at the young, funky, trendy dedicated followers of fashion. Motel carries other brands such as the iconic Jeffrey Campbell, synonymous with making shoes look like a work of art and shoes that seem to defiy gravity.

Zatchels for their unique style in purses. Models Own nail polish and pens, snow white nail polish, oh yes!. Pretty Polly for fashion tights and I Love Crafty has just been added to the family of brands,  just in time for Americas most celebrated event, Halloween.

 Rock N Rose for Jewelry and accessories. Pamela Mann not just any fashion tights, they are for girls who want to expresses their legs! Rock Cosmetics & Eyelure to add some sparkle and color.

The marketing team behind is the famous who had a vision about taking small fashion brands and escalating their reach in terms of their brand awareness and new customer acquisitions through a combination of analytics, customer and website user journey offline and online marketing initiatives, offering a holistic approach to their clients. Their port folio of fashion clients increases monthly due to a demand for bespoke marketing agencies that can deliver results.
Now that is conquering the UK market, they have turned their attention to the USA. The USA is most definitely unlike the UK in almost every way other than the clients demographics.

The USA is vast, the climates can be extreme depending on location. What sells in LA may not sell in Texas, what sells in Louisiana may not sell in New York. If you look at just one state and break it down into counties then cities, the demographics can change wildly. It’s not a simple task for any marketing agency unless they know and understand how the fashion sector works in the USA. The cost of traditional advertising alone can run into the millions of Dollars, so knowing who and where the customers are is something most non US companies have a difficult time in sourcing. and The Noise Farm Inc are working in partnership to assist them and their clients in their affiliate marketing initiatives and direct marketing here in the USA.

The brands we are currently working with is and, both brands have a celebrity following and both brands have a place here in the USA, we envisage that within three months both brands will be able to boast that they are no longer “New” and unknown but will be able to say confidently that they are “an emerging brand in the USA”.

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