October 4, 2011

How to Start as an Affiliate

Read this PDF file to see how an affiliate program works and how to get started as an affiliate.


October 31, 2011

What is affiliate marketing?

This white paper is free, its a bit out of date but the principals are still the same.
This is also from a UK perspective and the rules in the US Affiliate marketing arena have subtle and not so subtle differences.
The document is a laymans term approach aimed at online retailers who dont know anything about affiliate marketing. We have used the draft version white paper, the full one can be purchased from


Affiliate Marketing for Merchants-Advertisers.pdf

November 16, 2011

Working with multiple data feeds over many affiliate networks

We had a question from an affiliate about how to aggregate multiple data feeds from multiple merchants across all the affiliate networks.

   " I signed up to pay a guy to automatically get the data feeds but that isn't working too well so I would rather learn how to do it myself. Can you give me a little advice about getting your data feed set up through shareasale and other affiliate networks?" they aggregate data feeds from most of the affiliate networks specifically for Affiliates who don’t want the hassle of having to manually download individual advertiser data feeds. They have a free option and upgrade options.
Customizable features and distributes coupon codes where the merchant has given them permission to do so. 
has been around for ages, its free for affiliates to use and offers many customizable features.
It comes fully loaded with everything an affiliate needs to get going using data feeds.

We liked both of the above companies and the best part about it all, you dont need any technical know how, its a point and click procedure.


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