Affiliate Marketing

We are an outsourced affiliate marketing program set up and management agency with almost twelve years of industry experience and contacts in the USA, Europe, Australia and United Kingdom.

Using the affiliate marketing route, this would be ideal for businesses who are looking to increase their brand awareness, increase sales within their own country and or is looking to enter a new country and want to test the waters out.

We provide consultancy, research, advice, proposal, plan, affiliate program set up, management and affiliate recruitment.

Direct Marketing

Asa Candler started the US coupon phenomena in 1895 and all American consumers have had over 100 years in which to turn this into an American institution. All Americans receive a weekly coupon, money saving newspaper with special local coupons to cut out and take it to their local brick and mortar store and or special coupon codes to use at their favorite online shops. This is what we call direct advertising at a local level, unlike the glossy fashion magazines whereby ad rates are at their highest and good ad spaces can run into the tens of thousands, not to mention you only get seen by subscribers.

Local direct marketing incorporates using the local drop in the mail box approach so every consumer has to see your Logo, your advertisement and your special offer. Every consumer is looking through this mini “saver” newspaper as this is their way of shopping.

Our solution for you is simple. Instead of using a cover all approach, start off by advertising at a local level, city by city, county by county, state by state. Like a ripple, begin with one county and systematically expand to other counties, then other states. Not only is direct marketing cheaper than traditional advertising, the reach to your potential customers is greater.

In addition, your company  is not committed to monthly direct marketing spends, providing you give us notice, we can get an ad in any local “save” paper within a two week period. You can go as fast or as slow as your budget will allow.

Let us put a test campaign together for you, this is ideal for businesses online or offline, entering the US or for existing business that want to expand their reach within the USA.



We have our own in-house graphics, we can handle most commercial online and offline printing, website art, banners and email templates all customized for your company brand / identity



We can build user friendly ecommerce platforms and we even add a comprehensive analytics package.


Contact us and a representative of The Noise Farm, Inc. will respond within 24hrs.


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